Manchester’s strong music history has led to a great Manchester nightlife along with some great student nights in Manchester.

There is a wide selection of music genres in Manchester’s nightclubs. Here is the ultimate guide to the best student (and student friendly) clubs in Manchester.

Indie Rock Clubs in Manchester

The indie scene is massive in Manchester and thus offers a wide range of music.

5th Avenue

5th Avenue is a student favourite. There is a cheap and cheerful feel about the club and drinks are cheap. It is best to get to 5th Avenue early to avoid long queues. Wednesday night is a hot pick and you will usually find both floors of the club overspilling with students. The music takes a mainstream indie feel with dance tracks added in for extra spice.

42nd Street

42nd street is similar to 5th ave and another favourite for the students. Once again it’s good to get to 42nd Street early as the queue can be up to 30 minutes long so turn up early. Free entry to the club before 10.30 is also a sweetener. Expect to hear modern indie tunes alongside Brit pop classics.

Moho Live

Moho live is located in the Northern Quarter and the venue has more of an underground feel and is a little more pricey. However, Moho Live offers some great live music nights as well as the infamous Propaganda club night in Manchester so it is a definite must during your time in Manchester.


Although South tends to attract an older clientele, its hidden location and big indie club nights can make it a gem for students. It is most popular on Friday and Saturday night but it has started to aim nights at students during the week. Look out for special offers on drinks on Tuesday nights.

Best Kept Secret

Night and Day

The intimate feel of Night and Day is part of the attraction for indie lovers. There is live music from some of the best signed and unsigned indie bands around. It’s location in the Northern Quarter means that it can be slightly pricey for the student budget but it is well worth it.

Pop & Retro music in Manchester

Pop (and cheese!) is well catered for  in Manchester with all the clubs aiming to please. Many clubs offer dedicated nights to the joys of the 60s, 90s and naughties!

Pout @ Vodka Revolutions

The Vodka Revolutions in Deansgate locks offers a popular night for students on a Monday. The club is very stylish and popular with students on a Monday night. It is important to buy a ticket for Pout because it is very popular with students in Manchester.

The BOP @ Jabez Clegg

After the BOP was closed down in Owen’s Park it moved to Jabez Clegg. On Friday nights most students in Manchester can be seen going to ‘The BOP.’ It is located opposite Manchester university’s student union. It is very cheap and tickets are only £3.50 if you buy in advance.


R&B, Funky House and Hip-Hop

The Printworks Manchester is the best place to go for these genres of music. However, there are plenty of alternative places that cater to these types of music.

Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger is a popular club all over the UK and it is well and truly a part of the Manchester nightlife. It is not entirely geared towards students but it is very student friendly. It is also a very lavish club and due to this it can be quite expensive. However, there are student nights on during the week which can make it a lot cheaper. Manchester Met University host their AU social here in a Wednesday and Vodka Island is on every Monday.

Murkage @ South

Murkage offers a real UK theme to rap and Hip Hop. Look out for special events where top UK MCs will be playing. The Murkage night has a great student following thanks to cheap drinks offers and a lively atmosphere. If this sounds like your type of music then definitely give it a go and you are unlikely to be disappointed.

Best Kept Secret

Gold Teeth @ Deaf Institute

The Deaf Institute is located near the Man Met campus and is a great night for Hip Hop, Reggae and Gangster Rap. It is one of the rare places to offer these genres of music outside of the Printworks and can be a great night out. Tickets for entry are £4 in advance which could appear slightly pricey but many would argue that it’s well worth it.


Dubstep, Drum & Bass & House

The Dubstep and the electro scene in Manchester has grown a massive student following in recent years.


Sankeys was voted to be one of the best clubs in the world and it doesn’t disappoint. If you love dance music then this is the place in Manchester for you. Top DJs play nights at Sankeys all throughout the year so if you don’t want to miss your favourites then book early to avoid dissapointment. Tickets and drinks can be expensive but once again it is well worth it. The free disco bus from Fallowfield is something you have to try during your time in Manchester.

The Warehouse Project

The Warehouse project is in Manchester from September to December every year and it is arguably the best 3 months of dance music in the country. Located in an underground car park, the atmosphere is electric. The best DJs from the UK and all over the world play nearly every weekend. The prices can reach around £20 for a ticket and drinks are just as expensive but many students will tell you that it’s well worth stretching the budget for. Tickets sell out in no time so buy early.


Opened in early 2010, ‘the Factory’ offers a wide range of music across three floors. Get involved with the latest dubstep and DnB on the top floor. On a Tuesday night is the famous Manchester club night, Missionary, which offers the best in house music remixes. Factory is much cheaper than Sankeys and Warehouse project and arguably much more student friendly. This is more of a weekly night than a treat.

Best Kept Secret

Red Rum

This little Manchester nightclub is hidden away underground in Fallowfield. A small buy charming venue, it has cheap entry and moderately priced drinks. On a Friday night there is a great mix of house and electronic music styles. You can chill on the sofas and seats provided or have a boogie.

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