Coming to a new city and a new university is not the easiest thing. Getting into student life can be exciting but we know that you can do with a little helping hand along the way. That is why we have compiled a list of student guides to help with some of the more tricky aspects of moving to Manchester and becoming a student.

Freshers week Guide

Manchester Freshers Week

This is a handy little guide to help you through the first week of student living in Manchester. Once you are over this hurdle the city is your oyster.

You can trust us when we say, there is nothing to worry about (apart from a week of possible hangovers).

Manchester Student Travel Guide

Student Travel In ManchesterOnce you are accustomed to Manchester and all that it has to offer you will no doubt want to get about. Manchester is a hive of transport with one of the busiest bus routes in Europe (you will get used to the word Magic).

This guide will help you find the best forms of travel at the cheapest prices!

Student Safety Guide

Manchester Student Safety

It’s not the most exciting topic but staying safe is very important as a student. You don’t want to get into trouble whilst at university as it could affect your studies.

Take a look at the safety page for insider tips as well as key contacts in your local area.

Things to do for free

The student life can be pretty frugal at times but you will still want to do things to fills the weekends and days off.

We have thought about this and made a guide of all the best free things to do in Manchester. There is a wide range of activities so you won’t be¬†disappointed. You can do anything from visit a number of free museums to just walking around the Urban Heritage Park (see left).

Things to do with your parents

Parents In Manchester

Your parents are likely to visit you at least once while you are in Manchester and it’s up to you to make sure that they have a good time (and possibly spend some money on you).

We have compiled a list of the slightly more swankier and enjoyable locations so that you can impress your parents with your knowledge of the city.

What to do when you Graduate

Graduating From ManchesterUnfortunately, it all has to end at some point and you will have to start thinking about life after university and what to do next.

Whether you want to stay in Manchester or head straight home, you should read our experts guide (written by graduates) on how best to make the transition.

Over time we will add to the guides section. If you have any suggestions or would like to know anymore information from former Manchester students the let us know.

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