The Printworks

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The Printworks

27 Withy Grove,
M4 2BS

0161 385 8000

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The Printworks is a great place for students all day every day of the year. It’s location in the city centre makes it easily accessible and it is the home to restaurants, bars, clubs a cinema and a gym.

Students can spend a day at The Printworks watching a film or having a nice lunch and then come back in the evening to sample to wide range of bars and clubs.

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  1. Student comment


    starstarstarstarstar Posted: 7 years ago

    The cinema is probably the best thing here, there are a few decent restaurants too.. good for birthdays.

  2. Jane

    starstarstarstarstar Posted: 6 years ago

    The Printworks is overhyped and not really a great place for students.

    The restaurants are quite pricey and the nightlife is more chavvy than a burbery baby buggy. I suppose there is Tiger Tiger but you would be lucky to go on a night out there without seeing a scuffle.

    I went to a restaurant in there once and the service was so poor. Suppose the cinema is ok but there is a cheaper one across the city.

    It’s only saving grace is that it looks quite nice inside (kind of like a cobbled street) and the outside looks kinda cool too. Maybe just walking there and straight through it might be a good idea….


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