Budget beach themed interior design

Beach themed interior decor has risen in popularity in recent years. This is hardly surprising given that everybody loves the beach and most would love to take it home with them. Now numerous decorating tips and techniques are available to help people to do just that.

Incorporating a nautical theme into the home can evoke memories of the seaside, complete with sandy beaches, crashing waves, sunshine and carefree living. There are various ways to integrate a beach theme into the home, transforming it into a light and airy space without breaking the bank.

Budget decorating tips for a beach themed interior

This versatile theme is easy to assimilate in any room in the house. It is advisable for individuals to start with the walls and gradually work their way to furniture and other accessories. Most of the transformation will involve simple and fun DIY projects that can be completed in a short time.

The walls

Wall colours need to be carefully chosen since they will set the tone for the rest of the room. The simple solution here is to draw inspiration from the colours found on the beach. Individual style will dictate whether to go for muted and weathered navy tones or to settle for a fun seaside feel with some bright colours thrown in.

Colours inspired by the seaside include:

  • Blues- think aqua, turquoise, cobalt or navy.
  • Greys -those with green or blue undertones work best.
  • Greens- lighter hues are more striking.
  • Yellows- think soft beiges and golds.
  • Whites and creams.


Natural floors, such as waxed or stained floorboards, are the best choice for a beach themed style. Tiles with weathered designs or seaside motifs and stencils may also be chosen. Alternatively, individuals may opt to settle for carpets or rugs to warm up the room. In this case, emphasis should be on natural fibres (cotton, sheepskin or sea-grass) and muted tones such as cream, khaki or beige.


Sheer window curtains are great for those working on a budget. These can be paired with simple wooden shutters or the homeowner can choose to buy some temporary blinds. The shutters and blinds can be painted to match the room’s colour scheme.


Furniture suitable for seaside interior decor tends to lean towards the rustic and informal. This calls for a wicker or rattan seat complemented with chunky wooden furniture topped with distressed or painted finishes. Furniture can be found at bargain stores, flea markets and garage sales. Items can be customised using patterned or striped slipcovers, raffia pillows or throws with a nautical theme.


In keeping with the beach style, various accessories can be used to add aesthetic appeal to a room. Individuals can collect pebbles, coral, shells or driftwood from the beach to create original artwork that will add a personal touch. Other accessories that might come in handy include lobster pots, old wooden chests, wicker baskets, glass buoys, flower vases and lighting fixtures.

Beach themed interior decor gives the home a fabulous look and works well for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, lending a calm and relaxed feel to the whole house.

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