Cheapest degree is right here in Manchester

As we all know, the price of a University degree is set to rise astronomically with the majority of universities looking to charge the maximum £9,000 a year for their top courses.

This has left many students angry and confused as to whether it will be worth going to university in 2012. Debates on the issue have been heated and have received high amounts of press coverage. However, amid all the fuss, The Manchester College has emerged as the cheapest place in the UK to get a degree.

This week they revealed that they will be charging £5,585 a year for the degree courses that they offer. This is a bargain compared to the £9,000 you would have to pay at The University of Manchester and the £7,781 at Manchester Met.

The Manchester College currently offers degrees to 800 students in a small selection of subjects from business to radio production. However, the managers of the college are currently in discussions to increase their intake due to pressure from students.

One thing is for sure, the college will most probably get a record amount of applications for places in 2012 with students looking to save money when studying.

Is it really worth paying an extra £4,000 a year to study at a top University like The University of Manchester? I guess that is up to the students themselves to decide.

What this article does is show that there are alternatives to paying £9,000 a year to study at a top university. A lot of industry experts are now backing further education colleges and their degree courses.

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