Making next summer one to remember after the year ends

freelancingSummer might be over and the new term might have begun, but if you feel like you’ve wasted the past few months without doing anything fun, there’s always next year! In many ways, now is the time to plan for a summer adventure, especially if you’re in your final year of study and need to celebrate it in style.

Here are three top suggestions if you’re wondering what would be the perfect summer activity for you and your mates on campus to do:

Visit Asia on the cheap

A trip to Asia is the stuff of dreams for anyone who wants summer sun and something a little more exotic. Being such a vast continent, there are a number of countries you could visit, but if spirituality’s your thing, then some places stand out from the rest.

Thailand is great for gap years, but it can easily be explored in a couple of weeks or so. Buddhism is the main religion here, and sites such as the Grand Palace in Bangkok look amazing up close. India, meanwhile, is just as good, especially for anyone with an interest in Hinduism or Sikhism.

Explore Europe by car

A little closer to home, mainland Europe is great for a road trip. Driving through several countries, you can see some sights, visit some of the major cities and have a few drinks while staying at a roadside hotel in between trips!

Something you should be aware of when driving in continental Europe is different driving laws. As shown in the useful infographic from autoweb, you should brush up on the different laws in order to avoid a fine!

Live like American students

American student life seems pretty exciting, but when next summer comes, you and your buddies could give it a try. A trip to Las Vegas would be fun, especially if you like the idea of having a little flutter in some of the casinos along the way.

A bar crawl taking in some of the most famous bars in the USA could be exciting too, but there is one thing you must remember. The legal drinking age in the US is 21, so it’s best to leave the idea of a Stateside jaunt until the end of your course!

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