Manchester and Salford Riots

It’s a sad sight to see, Twitter filling up with reports and photos of the riots in the London and the UK spreading into Manchester and Salford this evening. (Scroll down for live feeds).

Many city based businesses have been forced to close early and lots of people have been stuck around Piccadilly gardens as bus routes and transport links are shutdown. But more than that, it’s a real shame that a city as great as Manchester has moved into the forefront of the news stories and has been infected with this mindless disorder.

Manchester market st riotA fire broke out in Miss Selfridges on Market St., the Arndale shopping centre has been heavily looted and now parts of the Northern Quater and Oldham Street have come under attack.

We’ll leave it to the media to do the reporting. What we wanted to express was not only our own disgust at this activity by a minority of ‘youths’, but a strong resolve by the wider community to stand up for Manchester.

Tomorrow morning at 11am a cleanup is being organised, we will be there and if you’re able to attend please do. Follow RiotCleanUpManc for the latest details. Also follow Greater Manchester Police on Twitter (or see feed below) for live updates on the Manchester and Salford riots.

In the meantime, we can only hope the so-called riot, violence and looting does not get worse over night in the city. If only Manchester could lend a little rain (for once)?!

As curious as you might be, don’t be tempted to go into the city tonight. Not only does it make the job of the police harder, you’re also at greater risk of criminals targeting you.


Video of looting of Arndale Shopping Centre

Video of looting on Oldham Street


Manchester Riots Twitter Feed


Greater Manchester Police Twitter Feed

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