Only in Manchester.. 8 Funny Signs

Manchester Greatest Signs

A few of the best signs (and sights) that have been spotted by our team across Manchester. Whether it is an aptly named car wash or a young creative adapting the well know “Canal Street” sign, they’re all here for your giggling pleasure!

1. Manchester’s Finest..

car wash manchester

After an eventful day out, a five minute hand-job would be a welcome change!

2. Sorry, which Door?

Shop entrance

3. What you ‘C’ is what you get

.Canal street sign

Humour on a pre-pubescent level.

4. A ‘Sparse’ Oxford Rd Shop Entrance

Oxford road spar entrance

 Shoppers at Oxford Road Spar convenience store are finding it a little less than convenient. Architect: “I know where the front door could be…..”

5. Diversion via Telford

satans hollow

 Outside the popular student club Satan’s Hollow during road works.

6. Sorry, too late…


 Any idea what this is about? Taken in Baguley, Manchester

7. Pardon?

welcome to lancashire

..but nobody matters?

8. What a joke!

Tevez man city

 ..or is it goodbye?

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