Beetham Tower howl heard across Manchester

Beetham Tower Howl

Beetham Tower HowlYou may have heard the howling wind noise that has been whistling through Manchester this week. It sounds like a UFO is landing or the luftwafa are on the horizon. One of our followers even mentioned that it sounds like a huge group of bees flying towards Manchester from the distance.

You may be happy to know that here at StudentMap we have the answer. The noise, commonly referred to as the “Hilton Howl”, is actually coming from the Beetham tower. The high winds that we have been experiencing in Manchester recently react with the building in a strange way to make a noise that is both soothing and an annoyance.

Many have commented saying that the noise is the soothing tone of B and many others have commented saying that it is disrupting their sleep. Spare some thought for those living inside it.

You may think that not many students live in the city centre of Manchester so therefore they won’t be able to hear the whirring noise from the Beetham tower, but the noise can be heard for 2 miles around. Creepy eh?

We would love to know if you have heard it or it has affected you at all. Below is a video of the Beetham Tower courtesy of the MEN… Enjoy!

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