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  1. paresh

    starstarstarstarstar Posted: 5 years ago

    I recently had my MOT done by Auto Care Assist (aka Autocheckpoint Ltd).

    I recently bought my car from auctions who do a full check including tyres and to my shocking surprise the MOT failed. I have heard a few stories where my friends have had this happen to them were they have created faults to create jobs for themselves.

    I have just taken it to another MOT service station, and said to me that the tyres are partially worn but are within the legal limit but I should check back in 6 months or once I had done about 3K.

    The other thing they failed me was that my hand brake lever has no reserve travel, again when I questioned the guy, he had no real answers and made up that it could just need a little tweak.

    I have just looked at my failed certificate and guess what they are not even registered for carrying out MOT, they passed it on to a company called ISIS MOT’s. Auto Care Assist (aka autocheckpoint ltd) failed to notify me that they do not actually carry out the MOT themselves and they pass it on to another company.

    I would avoid both companies, looks to me like an organised setup.


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