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Princess Street,
M1 7EN

0161 272 7251

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Fac 251 or Factory as most students call it is a club that has 3 floors to dance the night away on. There are a lot of different genres of music on offer but drinks at the weekend can be pricey so stick to week nights.

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    starstarstarstarstar Posted: 7 years ago

    Factory is mediocre at best. A lot of people rave about this place but I just don’t see it. The potential is amazing because FAC251 has 3 floors and a bit of history behind it too.

    One of the main problems for me is the price. Drinks prices are rediculous and a double vodka and mixer could set you back £7. They try and entice you with cheap drinks then bump the price up during the night.

    Also, they have K2 which has to be the worst tasting alcopop I have ever had.

    I suppose that the interior is nice and the music isn’t bad on most nights but something about Factory just doesn’t sit right with me.

    I must admit though, I just keep going back :P


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