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Whitworth Street West,
Deansgate Locks,
M1 5WZ

0161 236 2700

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If you are tired of the same old bars playing the same old music whilst pretending to be a club venue then Rumours is the place for you! Unashamedly a nightclub by definition, a great space for like minded music lovers to congregate and dance! With a 4am license, an awesome EV sound system, great drinks offers and a fantastic outdoor decked smoking area we are truly the answer to Manchester’s weary club goers! With the emphasis on the edgy, we tailor our nights to be something slightly different, be it the biggest names in DnB/Dubstep/Electro/Trance or the best bands making appearances at our Rock nights, we work constantly to stand out from the norm in providing you the nights you crave.

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