Around Town Flats

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208 Wilmslow Road,
M14 6LF

0161 256 2500

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Weekdays 9am-5:30pm; Sat 10am-4pm

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  1. Jim

    starstarstarstarstar Posted: 6 years ago

    Worst letting agents I have ever dealt with.

    They charge a £75 check out fee (plus VAT), which I was not informed of until the day I moved in, after I had given a deposit and moved out of my old flat 200 miles away. I was taken advantage of. This fee is in addition to the admin fees and reference fees etc. I am now asking other letting agents for their complete list of fees and they are shocked when I explain that this is why.

    Despite repeated requests, they failed to fix the mains powered smoke alarms, and then tried to take money for batteries from my deposit. At £75, I thought the check out inspection would be thorough enough to find that these smoke alarm batteries cannot be changed by the user.

    The table in the flat was covered in nose pickings. They point blank refused to remove it or do anything about this.

    The walls went mouldy as the insulation and heating were substandard. There was some mould present when I moved in so I know it’s not just me. Most of it had been painted over, from the look of it, by a child.

    I was charged £40 plus VAT at the end of the tenancy because there was some dust on the skirting boards and some crumbs under the sofa cushions. I am considering it is worth paying it just to never have to deal with these criminals again.

    Also the washing machine in my flat was poorly connected (by ATF) and leaked into the flat below (also managed by ATF) causing their ceiling to cave in. No-one was sent round to clean up their mess and sort out the problems until the next day as it was after 4pm (it was about 5pm).

    On a side note, the flat had at least 4 styles of artex…

    I chose Around Town Flats as I had one day to pick a flat to live in. Don’t make the same mistake as me and these other people.

    If it’s too late, take photos of everything when you move in. Their inspection when you move out is a LOT more critical than the one when you move in. Just hope nothing goes wrong during your tenancy.

  2. Kate bradshaw

    starstarstarstarstar Posted: 4 years ago

    Horrendous. Only thing Around Town Flats do well is fleece you. Initially they might impress with forms/things to sign etc that they are competent. Not so. Am certain it is their plan to retain deposit before you even move in. My daughters house, left as they found it (checked by all her “housees” parents) merited, Around Town Flats say, the forfeit of almost £1000 deposit. Outrageous and completely unwarrented. It was left as exactly as it was when they moved in. And it took almost 6 months to recover the undisputed balance. They stall, stall, stall and tie you in knots with demands/paperwork etc. And the spurious charges! Beyond belief! Dust behind the washing machine. Garden not maintained – a concrete yard that had nettles growing when they arrived. We will be going to court to recover the £940. BEWARE,! Rogue traders.


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