Gaffs Off Licence Student Discount available

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Wilmslow Rd,
M14 6LF

0161 224 3176

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  1. Jake Butler

    starstarstarstarstar Posted: 7 years ago

    Gaff’s is a seriously top notch newsagents. I go there all the time when I need some sweets or crisps and Sainsbury’s is just a little bit too far away.

    The banter is great with the lads in the shop (especially Maxi).

  2. Student comment


    starstarstarstarstar Posted: 7 years ago

    This is right near my house. It has nearly everything you would need. I mean literally everything.
    It’s a good place to get pre-drinks.

  3. Student comment


    starstarstarstarstar Posted: 7 years ago

    This place will go down in student history.


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