The Real Camera Company

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5-7 Dale Street,
City Centre,
Manchester M1 1JA

0161 907 3236

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  1. Rambo

    starstarstarstarstar Posted: 6 years ago

    RUDE, INSULTING, UNPROFESSIONAL STAFF, HOARDING PULES OF OVERPRICED TRIPE. ABSOLUTE ROBBERY! I understand people may come to the defence of the “Real” Camera Company, but if you was treated the way I (customer) was, you would understand. In my honest opinion the best place to find a decent camera and save yourself a heap of cash is Ebay! And the best place to find expert advice is the Internet, don’t travel to Manchester to see what is basically a bunch of fellas that probably hung up there Leicas years ago, sat off in a tiny, smelly camera museum. Photography is about images and much more than having a glass case full of Hasselblads.

    • Nick

      starstarstarstarstar Posted: 5 years ago

      I have always the real camera to be very helpful. I have bought lots of items off them over the years and found the prices to very close to ebay pricing which is unusual for most second camera hand shops. Their stock is great too and they have endless Leica equipment including some very rare items. Jem the boss is very pleasant to chat to about photography and I have always found great advice when need off the other members of staff.
      Im not sure what the problems the other reviewer had but its not the experience I have had. It was a company recommended to me when I was at uni and I have been a regular customer ever since.

      • AJ

        starstarstarstarstar Posted: 5 years ago

        This review seems suspiciously biased, especially if you’ve visited the place!

  2. William

    starstarstarstarstar Posted: 5 years ago

    I’ve been a couple of times and I’m not very impressed. Huge range of stock and knowledgeable staff, but they can be very sarcastic and belittling. Prices are generally a bit high for buying and they offer you quite low prices for selling to them. Wouldn’t go again unless I was really desperate.

  3. Karl Burton

    starstarstarstarstar Posted: 5 years ago

    I’ve been to The Real Camera Company shop a few times now. To be fair, it really does depend on who serves you. There’s been a couple of different people working there and faces have changed.
    The last time I was in to get some film old man who I thought quite abrupt the time before wasn’t there. Instead there’s a very young lad there that seems to ‘know it all’ who can also be rude!!. not good.
    From my visits I can say the Rambo rating must not be true. No one in the shop looks old enough to have hung up their Leica years ago’!!

    Looking at their website the owner Jem, and the other man Joe are the two people who haven’t changed. Maybe they are the people to ask for when visiting?.
    It’s a good place to get gear from, and to check out the secondhand digital stuff too.
    Definitely a place to visit and make your own mind up.


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