Greg Nicholson Golf & Leisure

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Flixton Rd,
M41 5AW

0161 748 2912

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  1. dadgooner

    starstarstarstarstar Posted: 7 years ago

    I would not normally bother going to this effort, but I thought I should bring this to the attention of online (golf) consumers – avoid Greg Nicholson like the plague.

    The service has been amazingly poor and I would not use this company again if it was the last golf shop on God’s green earth.

    Very unprofessional, took WEEKS to refund my money and only did so after several reminders: do not believe a single promise they make to you: just empty words.

    They advertise equipment they do not stock, take an age to deliver (when they persuade you to accept an alternative) and do not care at all about customer satisfaction……it could of course just be that I had a bad experience, but it lasted WEEKS and WEEKS.

    Use any other golf shop for your own sanity and peace of mind.


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